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We live in hard times.
Do you & your friends have a story to share?

Creative Community Happens Here!

A project by Whispering River Music

Humphrey Nature Trail

Humphrey Trails-
Creative Community Happens Here

The original project that started this movement.
How did you fare through Covid? Reply to the prompts and see how others survived with the arts.

Creative Community Happens Here

What is it?
A community of stories that lean on each other.

Who is it for?

What’s the goal?
Right now our focus is on community well-being during Covid-19. To connect with stories that help us survive and build creative communities everywhere!
Feel free to use the prompts from the Grade 6 Humphrey class or add your own through the “Add My Project” page.

How do we become a “designated creative community”?
Creative communities include 2 or more partners working together to provide a creative experience for their community. They network with each other and co-create an experience that allows everyone to participate.

Creative communities combine a variety of art forms such as music, art, video, dance, and poetry to tell stories that lean on each other.

1) Send us a proposal and tell us what you’ve done.
2) Fill out our form through the button in the menu

*** Plaques Coming Soon ***
*** Send us a message to inquire ***

How do we get an official plaque?
Purchase a plaque to show the community that you are part of a Canada-wide network. Plaques are $100 and will help make this site sustainable.

Why should we get a plaque?
You will receive an Income tax deductible receipt within Canada, this site is by the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, a registered charity.

Where does Your Story take place?

Share your story. Add your mark.